Function 2019
Demoscene Party

September 13-15 | Bakelit Multi Art Center | Budapest | Hungary

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About The Party

Function is currently the biggest Hungarian demoscene party, a 3-day computer-related event where creators and fans of underground digital art compare their skills, exchange experiences, thoughts, and socialize.

We welcome both the "oldskool souljahs" of the demoscene and the beginners. Don't be afraid if you don't know anyone yet.. Hungarian demoscene has always been a friendly bunch that's happy to see newcomers as much as the elite guys.

Over the years, we were lucky to host guests from all of Europe, Asia and from overseas, including demoscene veterans who haven't been attending parties for more than a decade!

See the invitation

If you're interested in this subset of computer technology which is mostly ignored by the public, then we'll be happy to see you at Function this year!

Event Location

This year we moved to a new and awesome location

Bakelit Multi Art Center

September 13-15, 2019
Address 1095 Budapest, Soroksári Str 164.

Party and Compo Rules

Party rules

  • Alcohol consumption is allowed, but please be reasonable, overconsumption might ruin your own and others' fun as well. Any type of damage or offense caused due to that will not be tolerated and will result in the removal from the party.

  • Consumption and circulation of other drugs at the party place is strictly forbidden, and will result in immediate expulsion from the party.

  • Smoking is only allowed outside.

  • Any type of damage will be forced to be paid by the culprit! If the person is unknown, we'll have to deduct the price from the party budget, which might endanger the future parties and the cooperation with the partyplace owners! Please take this very seriously.

  • Connecting kitchen equipment to the power network is forbidden. If this causes a power outage, you'll be held responsible by all the unhappy people...

  • Organizers are not responsible for any equipment at the party, anything you bring is your responsibility. Luckily we haven't had damage or theft at parties since a while now, and we'd like that to continue so.

  • By visiting our event you implicitly agree to be videotaped or photographed. For your information, we will also have an internet stream, which will be recorded and later published on well known video streaming sites. Furthermore, many of the visitors will create their own photos and record videos, and the location is also equipped with security cameras. That said, when taking videos or photos we kindly ask you to be considerate about the privacy of others.

Compo rules

  • Productions can be entered on-location by uploading them via the party network.

    Remote contributions via e-mail are allowed, but we won't safe-keep your prizes, if no one picks it up during the prizegiving.

  • The organizers reserve the right to remove entries from competitions. These entries won't be shown, won't be spread and won't be votable. In individual competitions this usually means preselection to avoid a huge amount of entries to be presented, in other competitions it solely means quality control and eventual compatibility problems. If your entry doesn't run on the compo machine, we'll do our best to help you to get it running though.

  • The organizers also reserve the right to merge competitions together if there are not enough entries.

  • Previously released material is not allowed. Covers, remixes and derivative works can only be entered with the consent of the original author.

  • The compo entry must be packed together with either ZIP or RAR (or the best packer on that given platform). We will not accept unpacked entries, and we will not pack your entry for you.

    For every entry we'd like to ask to include a FILE_ID.DIZ (a simple text file) in the archive, containing the prod's name and author, optionally the compo and party. (Note: Traditionally FILE_ID.DIZ's are 40 characters wide at most.)

  • For PC compos, the latest DirectX end-user runtime will be installed on the compo machine.

  • By entering, you also agree on having your works uploaded to our website after the party and to various larger demoscene FTP servers (


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